There's a BOOST for that

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There's a BOOST for that
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Energising everyone, wherever, throughout the day

The Challenge

BOOST asked us to help them achieve their goal of long-term growth in the functional drinks category. We needed to create a compelling proposition and articulate it via a distinctive, unique and ownable creative platform that would help change perceptions and improve unprompted awareness and consideration of BOOST.

The Idea

While the everyday person thinks they have no need for energy drinks, Brits are in fact 25% less ‘energised’ than they were in 2019 and the overall mood of the nation is low. And no wonder, with COVID still a recent memory, a cost-of-living crisis, political upheaval and war – it’s an uncertain and destabilising time. Not to mention the everyday struggles of daily life. This is where BOOST comes in.

The Execution

‘There’s a BOOST for That’ – shows how BOOST can energise everyone by giving them a bit more zest when and wherever they need it throughout the day, thanks to BOOST’s portfolio of Energy, Sport, Juic’d and Coffee drinks. The campaign, which includes TV, OOH, Radio, Digital and Social, showcases a host of scenarios which might warrant an injection of energy (including revision, a hangover, dreaded leg day and even choosing an outfit for a date), demonstrating that whatever life throws at you ‘There’s a BOOST for That’.

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