Bumping up Bumper

Bumping up Bumper

Putting people in the driving seat when it comes to car care with an awareness-raising SEO strategy.

The Challenge

Bumper allows consumers to split the cost of car repair bills with no interest. Traditionally, Bumper attracted many of their potential clients through recommendations from car dealers, but they recognised a need to put themselves in front of their audience without relying on word-of-mouth. Refinery were tasked with raising awareness of Bumper’s cost-splitting service to the general consumer so that the next time they are faced with a hefty car repair bill, they know to ask for Bumper.

The Idea

Bumper found it wasn’t being recommended to potential clients by car dealers for several reasons, including a lack of knowledge or training on the Bumper product, and potential loss of margin for the dealer groups. Refinery identified the most effective channels, PPC and SEO, to tell people about Bumper’s service, and targeted potential customers online at varying stages of a car repair journey.

The Execution

Refinery focused on users that needed Bumper’s services immediately, as well as those whose searches indicated that they might have needed Bumper’s cost-covering services in the near future. We analysed the volume of searches surrounding car crises and found that many related to serious, and potentially very expensive, car problems. We simultaneously launched a paid campaign on Google Ads and an organic campaign with local landing pages that targeted those customers with a goal of educating them on the benefits of using Bumper, and encouraged them to get pre-approved finance and to book through the Bumper site.

The Results

  • 180% uplift in direct sign-ups in the first 30 days of the campaign
  • 654% uplift in credit applications in the first 60 days

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