Do You Live With A Killer?

West Yorkshire Fire Service & Rescue
Do You Live With A Killer?

Extinguishing a deadly firestarter.

The Challenge

Plug-in heaters can be a lifeline for some; yet few know that these heaters can be life-threatening if used incorrectly. Refinery was challenged with raising awareness of the dangers of plug-in heaters and, saving lives!

The Idea

Becoming complacent with the misuse of plug-in heaters increases the dangers and, in some cases, devastatingly leads to loss of life. The message that portable heaters are ‘accidents waiting to happen’ became a central focus for the creative.

The Execution

We produced two series of hard-hitting, awareness-raising informative media. We know our elderly audience consume media offline, so we opted to create leaflets, posters, and banners that promoted in-person safe and well visits.

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