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We worked with the trusted brand JCB to drive brand awareness of JCB Tools. JCB power tools are a trusted name in the professional trade tools industry and we harnessed this with a multichannel marketing approach.

The Challenge

JCB is a global leader in the construction and agricultural sector. The brand is renowned for producing heavy, hard-working equipment that can tackle any job. Using the power of the JCB brand name, Refinery was tasked with developing JCB’s tool brand to target the professional power tool market, secure listings and drive sales within key UK and European retailers.

The Idea

We conducted extensive research with trade professionals to gather real-world insights, which helped us understand JCB Tools’ customers and their market. This informed our idea to emphasise JCB Tools’ reliability and innovation for trade professionals - alongside the brand’s hard-working reputation, to align with the professional trade segment and establish a strong brand presence. Also, to build relationships with trade retailers to highlight JCB Tools’ sales potential. Our creative line, ‘Made for Hard Work’, synonymises everything the power tools do, the audience needs, and the brand stands for.

The Execution

Made for Hard Work was rolled out using an integrated, multichannel approach. We created impactful visual collateral; packaging and product photography, and designed and built the JCB Tools’ website to showcase the brand positioning and product offerings. Building brand awareness, the campaign targeted professionals and influencers through a range of key channels; trade events, online advertising, targeted trade publications; and we started JCB Tools’ social channels. Post campaign, JCB Tools has gone from strength to strength – securing 100+ listings and forming profitable partnerships with major trade retailers including the Troy group.

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