Merry Bargain Boozemas!

Bargain Booze
Merry Bargain Boozemas!
Brand Strategy
Organic Social

Toasting the festive season with a new brand personality.

The Challenge

Refinery’s goal was to attract the gift-givers and party hosts by highlighting the vast range of premium drinks and gift options available at Bargain Booze’s famously low prices.

The Idea

Bargain Booze’s 300+ store managers have a first name-basis relationship with their customer base. So, we created a manifestation of all those store managers combined as the front for our campaign, and so Burgess the bubbly Bargain Booze store manager was born.

The Execution

From TV to VOD, radio, print, OOH, POS and paid digital and social, we showcased Bargain Booze’s vast and compelling offering in a disruptive and entertaining way through our new brand personality.

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